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Micro-loans are granted for Income Generation Programs (IGP):

The objective of Micro Credit program being run by AMCSF is to make the people financially independent and assist them in capacity building so that they are able to earn a livelihood for themselves.


Allied Agricultural Activities like Dairy, Sheep-rearing.

Small Business ventures like Tea shop, Tiffin stall.

Retail Trade like vegetable vending, grocery, fruit vending.

Self-employment ventures like cycle shop, watch repair.

Village & Cottage industries like carpentry, pottery, leather-goods.

Loans are also considered for consumption purposes (e.g. Marriage & other family functions)

Micro Loan(IGP) 1 year / 2 Year 5,000-50,000
*Small Loans 2 Years 50,000
*Special Purpose Loan 1 year / 2 year up to 20,000
Repayable in Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly installments at the option of the borrower ROI @26% Per Annum Reducing Balance, Processing fee of 1% + S.tax applicable.